Nutritional Support

Eating well is fundamental to feeling fit, healthy and happy.  Feel Happy Fitness is about providing sensible, healthy eating advice to ensure that the intake of our clients is:

  • satisfying their basic nutritional needs
  • complimenting their physical health and fitness goals

To assist in this regard, Feel Happy Fitness has partnered with local Accredited Practising Dieticians and nutritionists, Shaping Solutions Food Management.  Jocelyn Williams and her Shaping Solutions team can provide you with personal & practical expert nutrition advice to help you change your nutrition and lifestyle through the following services:

  • personalised meal plans for weight loss and personal goals
  • sports nutrition
  • blood pressure and/or cholesterol management
  • diabetes prevention or control
  • bowel symptoms improvement including constipation, diarrhoea and bloating
  • coeliac disease management
  • malnutrition treatment
  • stroke or heart attack risk reduction
  • eating disorders including anorexia, binging and bulimia

If you would like to discuss the prescription of a personalised meal plan or any of the above nutritional services, feel free to visit the Shaping Solutions Food Management facebook page.