Our Services

Exercise Physiology

Exercise physiologists possess the skills and knowledge to design and deliver safe and effective exercise interventions to improve the health status of people with acute or chronic conditions, injuries or disabilities.  Read more

Personal Training

Train effectively and stay motivated to train consistently with one-on-one sessions which target your goals, offer variety and reflect your fitness level and training experience.  Read more

Group Fitness/Bootcamps

Meet new friends and enjoy the experience of training with others at a group training session offering fun, team work, a social atmosphere and a challenge.  Read more

Seniors Health & Fitness

Sustain your ability to perform everyday tasks and enhance your health and enjoyment of life with a program which promotes strength, endurance, posture, flexibility and balance.  Read more

Kids Health and Fitness

Ensure your kids develop a lifelong love of physical activity with our fun, games based sessions, which promote fitness, coordination and self-confidence.  Read more

Remedial Massage

Whether it’s to relieve pain and tension, increase flexibility or improve sleep, remedial massage can improve your health, well-being & quality of life and makes you feel great.  Read more

Nutritional Support

Professional, practical and personal advice to ensure your intake is satisfying your nutritional needs and is complimenting your physical health and fitness goals.  Read more

Triathlon Coaching

Improve your swim/cycle/run performance or your overall race craft with a triathlon coaching program constructed with your goals in mind.  Read more